Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Yes its that time of yr again and I have had to work hard to find these black peas this yr.Black peas are a northern thing , in Rochdale , Oldham and Bury they are called black peas , in Yorkshire they might call them parch peas , let me tell you on a cold november night usually bonfire night 5th november it is tradition to eat black peas served in a cup with vinegar ,salt and if you feel spicy a bit of pepper.

Now I know a few of you southerners probably havnt heard of them but a northern delicacy they are. I remember when i was a kid (early seventies) a guy would come round on a friday night on an old converted ice-cream bicycle selling them , ringing his bell shouting Black Peas , Black peas. He must have done alright out of it we took our own cups out to him and he progressed to an old van at one point( just read his name was Arthur White ).
This is a tradition I would rather not see die out so here it is how to make them.
Take a large saucepan and half fill with water , add teaspoon bicarb , add peas , cover , see easy isnt it , leave them for 12 - 24 hrs then rinse and refill the pan with water leaving out the bicarb. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 1 1/2 - 3 hrs depending on consistency required . Although I would make them a bit hard the first day because they taste better warmed up next day and the juice is thicker too. Add salt n vinegar to taste , see simple , even even kids could do it .

I will add some photos of them cooking soon and hopefully some of me eating them ...
Dont forget its northern tradition , it needs passing onto the next generations.

It seems these little lovelys are hard to find so a quick google search came up with this company £1.09 for 500g , happy eating...............

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  1. Although I'm a Lancastrian I always called 'em parchy-peas. You used to get a muslin bag to hold them together so they didn't go to mush...on the other hand some people (myself included) preferred them mushy. They go great with braised hearts.